Flex Fletch SK-200 Extreme Vane 39 Pk

Flex Fletch SK-200 Extreme Vane 39 Pk

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Flex-Fletch Vanes are the only vanes that can withstand the constant abuse of tough weather (rain, snow, high humidity) and shoot-throughs. Flex-Fletch vanes have unsurpassed Memory. How many times have you walked up to the archery butt and found one or more of your arrows buried all the way up to the vanes, or even worse, feathers and thought, "Well, that one is shot,"? With Flex-Fletch vanes you won't have to worry. Just grab whatever is sticking out from the front and pull it out. Or, if it's too far in, pull it right through the butt. If it's glued on properly you'll just pop it back in your quiver without a second thought. When you're back on the line and ready to shoot, it will be too! Outlasts other vanes 4 to 1! 

Available Colors:

  • Flo Green, Flo Red, Flo Yellow, Blaze, Flo Blue, Real Red, White, Black & Cosmic Green

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 10 December, 2010.