Thorn Crown Fixed Blade 100 Gr 3 Pk

Thorn Crown Fixed Blade 100 Gr 3 Pk


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The Crown is the new king of fixed blade Broadheads. With blades starting at the top at 5/8” followed by a 3/4”, followed by a 7/8” and having a 1” blade at the bottom. Don’t be fulled by the 1” cut diameter, the Crown with eight helix stacked cutting blades giving you 3.25” of cutting surface leaving devastating wound channels that open up and stay open! The Crown is constructed with a rugged 70/75 aircraft aluminum frame topped by a solid titanium threaded tip and replaceable 0.040 thick 420 stainless steal blades.


3-pack of 100 or 125 Grain Crown Broadheads

One Set of Replacement Blades

A Tip Tool

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