Spynal Tapp Lock-N-Load Glueless Inserts (1 Dz)

Spynal Tapp Lock-N-Load Glueless Inserts (1 Dz)


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Fits Crossbow arrows and target arrows with a .300 ID and a .346 OD when sleeved with a .2445 carbon tube! This insert can be used in Gold Tip Series 22 shafts in conjunction with a short piece of carbon tube that has a .2445 ID and .300 OD.

This insert only fit a crossbow arrow that is sleeved with a .2445 carbon tube and has an OD of .346!


  • Easy set-up and installation
  • No messy glue!
  • Reuseable! Remove insert from damaged arrow shafts and use again and again.
  • Simple aid for indexing and alignment of arrow vanes to broadhead blades.
  • Improved overall arrow flight and trajectory.
  • A 5/64th Allen Head Wrench is needed to install the inserts.
  • It is preferred you use a inch pound torque wrench to install these inserts, set at approx 5 in pounds of torque


  • Weight: 55 grains (Brass+ Set Screw)

  • Size: Fits all SSAS Spynal Tapp arrow shafts and any shaft with a .300 ID and a .346 OD when sleeved with a .2445 ID carbon tube

Installation Instructions!

  • Glue a 4 or 5 inch piece of carbon tube into the nose of any .300 ID arrow shaft
  • Square the end of the shaft after the adhesive had cured
  • Chamfer the inside edge of the shaft
  • Install the Spynal Tapp Lock N Load Insert!
  • Package Includes:

  • (6) Spynal Tapp Lock-n-Load™ Glueless Inserts
  • (6) Tapered Set Screws

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