Firenock Jig Aluminum Halfmoon Nock Chuck Kit

Firenock Jig Aluminum Halfmoon Nock Chuck Kit


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This is the answer to an age old problem, how do you fletch an arrow accurately with a halfmoon nock.The new 3D printed chuck allows you to use a Black Eagle Plastic Half Moon nock (flat sided version) to fletch crossbow arrows

This chuck works best with Black Eagles Plastic Halfmoon nocks with the flat sides.

Included in the Package: 

  • 1 Chuck and 6 Black Eagle Aluminum Halfmoon Nocks!

Installation Instructions:

  • Fits only Firenock Fletching Jigs
  • To install remove the old chuck from the jig
  • Apply a bit of serving wax to the threads of the brass bolt
  • Install the chuck and align but do not tighten the brass bolt
  • Fletch a test arrow, verify alignment
  • Once aligned snug the brass bolt taking care to not overtighten

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 14 July, 2020.