Arrow Nation Pit Viper .001 Bare Shaft (Single)

Arrow Nation Pit Viper .001 Bare Shaft (Single)

Available Options:
A - Arrow Spine:
B - Optional Bushings:
C - Standard Nocks:
D - Optional Nocks:
E - Wraps & Cresting:
F - Wrap & Cresting Length:
K - Fletching Setback:
L - Enter Arrow Length:
To The Nearest 1/16th Inch
M - Choose Cutting Directions:
We Cut Arrows Carbon Cut To Carbon Cut
N - Standard Inserts:
N1 - Optional Insert Weights:
10 gr Increments Only
O - Optional Inserts:
Q - Standard Field Points:
S - Optional Weight Matching:
T - Optional Spine Matching:
U - Install Components:

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For nearly 17 years we have been building everyone else's arrows, now its time to make our own, so I am extremely excited to announce the new Pit Viper arrow from Arrow Nation. 
You will not find an arrow anywhere with the attention to detail, hand sorted accuracy and level of consistency than the Pit Viper by South Shore's Arrow Nation brings to the table!
All Pit Viper Arrows Are:
  • Tested by hand to identify the stiff side & indexed
  • Tested by hand to verify straightness, spine and weight meet specifications
  • Custom arrows are cut and squared on both ends
  • Each of your arrows are fletched on a single Firenock fletching jig
  • We use proprietary adhesives for components and vanes
  • All Inserts are squared after installation (upon request)
  • Our Custom Arrow build time is a minimum of 10 to 21 business days
  • Bare Shafts are 3 to 5 business days  

We have taken what we feel are the best available components from a number of companies and combined them to make the best .224 ID arrow available today


  • Straightness +/- .001 or better
  • Spine Variance +/- .010 or better
  • Weight Variance +/- 1/2 grain finished arrow weigh
  • Ethics Archery Outserts
  • Stainless Steel Nock Bushing
  • Firenock Red or Green X Nock (NON LIT)

Available Spines:

200 11.6 .297 .224
250 10.0 .289 .224
300 9.0 .282 .224
350 8.0 .276 .224
400 7.2 .272 .224
500 6.4 .276 .224






Note: If you are buying bare shafts and would like the inserts installed and squared please add a note at check out. If you do not request us to install inserts they will be left loose

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 November, 2020.