Our Arrow Build Process


Our Arrow Building Process!

To say we take extreme pride in our arrow build process is an understatement!

All Custom Arrows Are:

  • Tested to identify the stiff side & indexed
  • The heavy side (compound and recurve bows) is placed inline with the cock vane!
  • The heavy side (crossbows) is placed between the hen vanes!
  • Cut and squared on both ends using a Custom Built Firenock (A.P.S.)
  • Cleaned with alcohol inside the point end using a brass bore brush!
  • Vanes are treated with a super glue primer!
  • ALL arrows with plastic vanes are fletched on Firenock fletching jigs!
  • Your arrows will have a dot to identify the stiff side
  • Your Custom Arrows Will Be Fletched On A Single Firenock Fletching Jig!

Bare Shaft Process:

  • Tested to identify the stiff side & indexed
  • Bare shafts are cut to length free
  • Cutting both ends and squaring is an optional service available at a small additional charge
  • Arrow Wraps, Components and Points are not installed, installation is an optional services available at a small additional charge


  • Most arrows come with nocks included from the manufacture. Generally these nocks are a specific color, Example Easton FMJ shafts come with a red X nock. If you wish to change the color or type of nock you can by making that change in the drop down menu when building your arrows. If you change the nock type or nock color we will charge for the nocks and include the nocks we removed from the arrows in the package when shipped.
  • Our typical turn around is 5 to 7 business days, during the busy season it could take up to 20 business days to process arrow & shaft orders


  • Once arrow shafts are cut for your order we cant issue a refund, no expections  
  • Please do not send arrows for refletching unless you have created an order in our online store.


  • If you are sending your bow to a super tuner you will need to contact the tuner and to get the arrow type and spine recommendation.

  • We will not warranty ANY arrows that have had Lock N Load glueless inserts installed in them!

  • Components that are installed by South Shore Archery will be permanently installed using the best adhesives and thread locker products available. If you want the ability to remove inserts, weights, aluminum nocks etc please request that we leave them uninstalled.


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